Life Coaching is the latest “tool” added to Marquita’s repertoire of helping modalities in her working with clients in clarifying their life purpose and reaching their career goals. For the past ten years she has primarily used “spiritual tools” in counseling clients. Now she combines spiritual counseling with life coaching in unique effective combination. And, for a limited time only, life coaching sessions with Marquita are being offered on a “love offering” basis. This is a $150 per hour/session value.

The process of coaching assists already successfully, functioning individuals to reach a higher level of success in whatever area of focus they might have, and for the individual seeking clarity of purpose to identify his/her direction and to move ahead to greater success and fulfillment. Coaching differs from therapy in that the coach does not focus on the overcoming of emotional or behavioral issues, but rather the focus is on resolving performance blocking issues. The coach assists you in moving forward when the “old you” would rather give up and stay where you are…the coach is a catalyst for helping you uncover new insights and a sense of purpose. Coaching sessions are conducted by way of the telephone.

The coaching session begins with the identification of one’s life purpose and using that purpose as the motive force in life, in the ideal career, even in the success of relationships. When goals and everyday functioning are approached from the power of one’s life purpose, greater joy and passion are invoked to drive success and fulfillment, making the journey toward vocational success more joyous and generally quicker.

Coaching is an investment not an expense. And, this investment yields measurable financial, spiritual, physical and social returns that contribute to a lifetime of well-being and prosperity.

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