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Welcome to Marquita's Motivation

Marquita’s Reflections on Her Journey

Candid2Marquita Pierre-McAlister was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a section of town made famous by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. She spent her formative years in Santa Barbara, California. At the age of 22 she moved to Alaska with her husband and young son....changing her life and beginning the adventure of her young life.

With a Louisiana and Southern California background, she had never experienced a climate that included snow, cold, darkness, bears and other wild animals. Nor was she expecting to become skilled in cabin construction and tractor operations. People to this day ask, "Why did you move to Alaska?" And, her cryptic answer is, "Young, in love, adventurous and stupid!"

It was in Alaska she developed not only an intellectual knowledge of God/Spirit, but also witnessed profound and mystical "Spiritual experiences". She came to understand and respect the human spirit with its unlimited possibilities, and she developed a passion for assisting others in becoming their own “authentic selves”.

In Alaska she discovered and grew to love the various aspects of herself. And, as an employee of the State welfare department, she became an advocate for clients who had not yet come to recognize their own inner strength. In the Anchorage community, she became "Marquita", the community builder, public speaker, singer, retreat and workshop facilitator, spiritual counselor and most importantly an advocate for experiencing Spirit/God first hand.

In 2006, she became the Senior Minister of her “home church” in Anchorage. Under her direction Center attendance more than doubled, her licensed spiritual leadership group more than tripled to 23 practitioners and the Center’s outreach programs expanded to become a positive force in her community. She also established a satellite Center in a remote Alaska community.

Rev. Marquita is a graduate of the Holmes Institute and is widely respected amongst her peers for her intellect, passion and spiritual insights. She is a past co-chair of the national convention of Centers for Spiritual Living, and a workshop presenter to national and international audiences. In the summer of 2012 she left Anchorage for the desert of Nevada, where she is currently establishing a new Center for Spiritual Living in the Las Vegas area.

Candid1She is a motivational speaker, a workshop and retreat facilitator, a spiritual practitioner, a spiritual growth consultant and an inspirational singer. As she says, “It was through the many deep challenges and life experiences of my journey that I discovered my soul's longing to express what I now offer to the, compassion, passion and a commitment to "living my life out loud" in order to remind people they too can live a life that fulfills Spirit's promise of joy, peace and unlimited good.


From Jamaica...

"From the time she came on stage, she held the audience's full attention. Her presentation was an inspiring, thought-provoking melange of Spiritual Truths, illustrated by personal anecdotes and liberally laced with humor."Rev. Marquita brought her riveting presentation a soul-stirring climax with a rendtion of the Rickie Byers Beckwith classic song "I Walk In The Love of God", which was worthy of any Broadway production.

"I immediately decided that we had to invite her to be our guest speaker at the Temple of Light Center for Spiritual Living in Jamaica and we were blessed to have her at our 32nd Anniversay Celebration where he eloquent message and beautiful singing lifted our spirits and opened our hearts." Rev. John Scott, Kingston Jamaica

From Texas...

"She is an extremely powerful speaker and is so tuned into her spiritual essence, it almost appears as though she is opening to Divinity directly when she speaks! People are totally moved by her presentations, and often end up in tears of joy!" Rev.Rainbow Johnson

From Alaska...

"Reverend Marquita Pierre-McAlister otherwise known most fondly and simply "Rev" is a veritable Powehouse of GOD in ACTION! She is a leader, teacher, mentor, minister, friend, and for me personally..."life changer". Cindy Hensley, R.Sc.P.


From Las Vegas...

Rev. Marquita....This has been a class full of excitement and breakthroughs for me!  Not at all what I thought it was going to be.  Thank you for showing up for us each and every day.  Thank you for not allowing me to settle, for pushing me and and seeing my potential...